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Want to know more? Check our FAQ and T&C:

1. What is Celcom Business Suite?

Celcom Business Suite is a solutions bundle plan. The plan consists of InternetGO™ 45, MESINKIRA, HR Biz Suite Basic, M365 Business Basic, EMS 50 & Business Wireless Gold. It also includes add-on devices such as TP-Link Dongle, Android Smartphone (NFC or Non-NFC) and Android Tablets. Optional add-on solutions are available.


2. Who is eligible to subscribe to Celcom Business Suite?

All new SME customers or customers with no contract are eligible to subscribe to Celcom Business Suite. This is a 24-month bundle contract.


3. If I am currently subscribing to any services from Celcom Business, or if the contract period has yet to end, am I eligible to subscribe to Celcom Business Suite?

Yes, you may sign up for a new line and subscribe to this bundle offer, or you may choose to terminate your current solutions plan. Do note that a termination penalty will be imposed on your current solutions plan.


4. Can I terminate any of the selected solutions in Celcom Business Suite?

You cannot terminate a service/solution selectively. If you choose to do so, you must a termination penalty will be imposed.


5. How much is the termination penalty for Celcom Business Suite?

If you terminate the subscription within the minimum contract period (24 months), you will be   charged for the remainder of the contract, along with any add-on and device solutions (individual Terms & Conditions apply). For Productivity Pack, customers are required to pay an additional RM300 penalty for the TP-Link Dongle device. 

  1. Celcom Business Suite Bundle consists of more than one (1) solution offered in the Package and each of the applied servicing Solutions STCs. Prices for add-on items shall be as per standard price.
  2. Customers who subscribe to the Package under SME Business Suite Bundle shall enjoy the tariff and rates offered under the Package as stated in the Service Registration Form – SRF.
  3. Celcom reserves the right to change the prices, charging construct, and number of users/seats of M365 Business Basic and M365 Business Standard at any time during the contract tenure.
  4. All add-ons are considered as optional and will not enjoy any discounts.
  5. Contract tenures for all combos will be for a period of 2 years. Contract tenure for add-on items will be as per current business practiced.
  6. Invoices are issued monthly.
  7. The prices for M365 Business Basic or Standard, MESINKIRA and HR Biz Suite are based on licensee fees or number of users.
  8. Devices are to be purchased separately, subject to individual Terms & Conditions.
  9. The Package Value (herein after referred to as “PV”) shall be prorated and shall be reflected in the first month’s bill if the Customer registers before the billing cycle date.
  10. In the event the Customer changes the billing cycle date, one backdated PV and one advance PV will be charged in the next cycle’s bill.
  11. In the event of early termination, before the billing cycle date, the PV will be refunded based on pro-rated value. However, the Customer shall be subjected to Termination Fee (hereinafter defined).
  12. The minimum subscription period for the Package under Celcom Business Suite is 24 months from the date of activation of the service of the Package (herein defined as “Period of Agreement”). Celcom shall impose an early termination fee for the remaining months out of the Period of Agreement including add on and device (herein defined as “Termination Fee”). Any additional usage will be charged according to Celcom’s prevalent data rate or SMS rate. Applicable penalty for device under Productivity Pack is RM300.
  13. Upon reconnection of the Package within 30 days after early termination, the Customer shall be reconnected into the SAME bill and shall continue to enjoy the tariff and rates offered under the Package. A reconnection fee of RM10/SIM shall be imposed on the Customer. The reconnection to subscription of the Package shall be fully terminated upon failure to pay the reconnection fee within the aforesaid thirty (30) days period.
  14. Celcom’s prevailing IDD/Roaming rates are applicable for international data roaming and IDD.
  15. The prices displayed does not include 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST), call charges, itemized billing and/or additional VAS subscribed by the Customer.
  16. For the purpose of Celcom Business Suite Bundle, clause 14 (30 Days Return Policy) of Specific Terms and Conditions for Celcom Business Wireless shall not be applicable.
  17. Either Party may at any time terminate the subscription to Celcom Business Suite Bundle by giving the other Party 30 days prior written notice. Celcom shall not be liable for any compensation and damages towards the Customer in the event Celcom exercises its right to terminate for convenience. However, termination by the Customer prior to the expiry of the Period of Agreement will always be subjected to a Termination Fee as prescribed herein.
  18. Celcom disclaims any warranties or liabilities for the merchantability of the add on devices under Celcom Business Suite Bundle. The warranties applicable for the devices are subject to the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the devices.
  19. On the EMS service, the Customer shall not, and shall ensure that the Customer’s Clients shall not use the Service or permit the Service to be used by the Customer’s Clients or any other third party (where applicable):
    • to transmit Bulk SMS containing Inappropriate Content; and/or
    • to transmit Bulk SMS which is harmful to Celcom or will bring disrepute to Celcom; and/or to transmit any Bulk SMS which is from and/or for the benefit and interest of any International Source; and
    • as a means of payment of goods and/or services other than payment method authorized by Celcom.
  20. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the Service shall only be used by the Customer and the Customer’s Clients (where applicable) for the purpose of transmitting Bulk SMS from and/or for the benefit and interest of a Local Source via the Authorized Traffic. For the avoidance of doubt, the Customer and the Customer’s Clients (where applicable) shall not transmit Bulk SMS from and/or for the benefit and interest of the Prohibited International Brands as stated in the Service Terms & Conditions form - STCs.

The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Digitalisation Initiative ("the Initiative") is offered to small and medium enterprises under the 2020 Budget to obtain digitalisation services from service providers registered with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)("Service Providers") to guide and provide digitalisation services to SMEs.

Digital areas for this initiative is limited to the seven (7) areas as stated below:-

  1. Electronic Point of Sale System (e-POS)
    The use of software such as Point-Of-Sale designed to help SMEs run businesses more effectively.
  2. Human Resource Payroll System / Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    A system that simplifies and manages a company's payroll process and procedures and any matters relating to human resources.
  3. Digital Marketing / Sales
    Digital marketing services that offer marketing of products or services on the internet,via applications, display advertising and any other digital mediums.
  4. Procurement
    Service that offers business-to-business, business-to-consumer or business-to government purchase and sale of supplies, work and services through the internet as well as other information and networking systems.
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”)/Accounting & Taxation
    Database service that supports processes and operations including manufacturing,marketing, financial and human resources.
  6. Remote Working
    Adoption of digital solutions that enable businesses to carry on business functions offsite. This often involves the use of digital hardware and software to enable remote communication and data exchange.
  7. E-Commerce
    Adoption of digital technologies by transforming buying and selling of products over the Internet, and the services that support such activity, including marketing, development of online sales platforms, delivery services, and more.

SME Digitalisation Initiative eligibility requirements

SME must possess the following criteria;

  1. The SME is at least 60% owned by Malaysian individually.;
  2. The SME is registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia and classified as SME.;
  3. The SME has been in operation for at least six (6) months.;
  4. The SME has minimum average annual sales turnover of RM50,000.