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Virtual Assistant and Chatbot are Key Retail Tools that can Help Businesses Automate or Handle Tasks Remotely | Insights | Celcom Business

Virtual assistant and chatbot can help businesses automate or handle tasks remotely like responding to customer enquiries and organising your schedule.

10 June 2022

How Mobile Payments Enhance Businesses and Cater to Customers Better | Insights | Celcom Business

Mobile payments offer faster transactions as many customers find it to be efficient and more convenient. It also offers better security as the transactions are instant, and retailers receive the money directly into their account. Furthermore, mobile payments makes it easier for retailers to personalise promotional offers to their customers.

20 May 2022

6 Fun Ways to Boost Customer Engagement on your Website and Mobile Application | Insights | Celcom Business

Customer engagement is how your audience warms up to you. To inspire you with tactics already proven to work, here are 6 ways to effectively boost customer engagement on your web and app.

09 May 2022

4 Social Media Trends to Double-Tap in 2022 | Insights | Celcom Business

Social media marketing is now an essential requirement for businesses to succeed in this always online generation.

29 April 2022

Mastering Personalized Marketing in 2022: The Key To Customer Retention | Insights | Celcom Business

While personalized marketing was already a major necessity for businesses to connect with their customers, the recent pandemic has raised its importance to a whole new level.

15 April 2022

Turn Your Business Into An Environmental Advocateur | Insights | Celcom Business

For a business to "go green", there are general guidelines or "Green objectives" that retailers should consider and achieve. This includes: Contributing to sustainability targets, Prioritising environmental protection, Comply with environmental standards & conduct, Have Green advocacy & CSR programs and Aspiring to be a gamechanger through green innovations.

11 March 2022

Virtual Store: How 5G Enables Extended Reality (XR) in Retail 2022 | Insights | Celcom Enterprise Business

Virtual stores are the next level solution to a customer's need to experience a physical retail location but done virtually. With technology advancing even further, virtual stores can also benefit from this innovation.

27 January 2022

6 Proven Ways to Craft Video Reels For Your Business | Insights | Celcom Enterprise Business

Video Reels can drive more traffic to your business social media account, here’s how to do it!

17 January 2022

What Influencer Marketing Can Do For Your Business 2022 | Insights | Celcom Business Enterprise

Influencer marketing has the potential to help businesses reach a desired target audience. Read on to find out more!

10 December 2021

How To Enhance Your Business Website | Insights | Celcom Enterprise Business

There are many digital platforms a business could be on to reach customers, but a website should remain integral to any digital business strategy.