17 June 2022

5G as the Technological Catalyst for Mission Critical Systems | Insights | Celcom Business

5G provides high speed, stable communication for technologies pivotal in mission critical systems.

27 May 2022

5G Brings Long-Lasting Transformative Values to Major Industries | Insights | Celcom Business

5G brings transformational changes across different industries. It allows collaborative integration of technologies, productivity, safety, and growth.

13 May 2022

5G Spurs Society 5.0 Transformations into Overdrive | Insights | Celcom Business

Society 5.0 marks a major step in societal and technological evolution. 5G allows nations to use ultra-high-speed connectivity to serve the people efficiently.

22 April 2022

Earth Day Special: 5G Unlocks Opportunities for Sustainable Environmental Solutions | Insights | Celcom Business

Make a greener difference with 5G. 5G brings promises to a better, sustainable environment. Find out how.

24 September 2021

How Adopting Hybrid Cloud Empower Data-Driven Strategies in Industry | Insights | Celcom Business Enterprise

Industrial companies are facing challenges in executing data-driven strategies. Learn how hybrid cloud can be the cost-effective solution for driving data intelligence.

24 September 2021

How Cloud-Native Technology Helps Businesses Succeed in Customer Experience | Insights | Celcom Business Enterprise

The shift towards cloud-native is imminent. Businesses stand to benefit from the move and succeed in customer experience.

03 September 2021

Digital Transformation & Cloud Adoption: Critical To Business Continuity & Sustainability | Insights | Celcom Business Enterprise

The pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation and cloud adoption for businesses in Malaysia.

29 October 2021

Cloud Economics: Understanding the True Cost of Cloud Computing | Insights | Celcom Enterprise Business

Cloud economics helps you understand the pros and cons of the cost of cloud adoption, but there are other factors to consider in your decision as well.

15 October 2021

Edge Cloud IoT is Getting a Network Superhighway | Insights | Celcom Enterprise Business

Edge cloud IoT is getting a boost from the impending 5G rollout. Learn how a superfast public network could unlock new possibilities for edge connected devices.