Friday, 24 September 2021


Customer experience is crucial for driving your business towards success. According to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 86% of customers are likely to spend more if they are happy when dealing with a business.

Yet, if you have been in business long enough, you know that keeping customers happy is easier said than done. Thankfully, the digital advancement towards cloud-native technologies has unlocked innovative ways to greatly improve customer experience.

If you are running a small/medium business in the retail or service sector, you will find this article helpful in growing a loyal, happy customer base by leveraging cloud-native technologies and solutions.


What is Cloud-Native Technology and How Can it Help Retail Businesses?

Cloud-native technology is a collective term used to describe scalable applications built and hosted across distributed cloud platforms. These cloud-based solutions are a collection of small and loosely-coupled microservices, designed to ensure continuous delivery of specific business logic.

Cloud-native should not be confused with cloud-enabled systems as they are not interchangeable. While cloud-native is built to take full advantage of the cloud environment, the latter is an effort to introduce internet capability to parts of offline software.

As the business landscape changes more rapidly than ever, conventional software faces the impossible task of keeping up with modern, pressing demands. For example, businesses -especially in the retail industry - struggle to be constantly available to thousands of customers with waning patience, or lack the agility to innovate in response to fast-changing trends.

Applications built on cloud-native technology are a resilient alternative that offers the much-needed speed, security, and agility in development, deployment, integration, and support.



Is it a Good Time to Go Cloud-Native?

Businesses are at the crossroad of digital transformation because of an increase in internet usage amongst Malaysians. The Department of Statistics of Malaysia has reported a 30% surge in e-commerce transactions in the first quarter of 2021. The fact that more Malaysians are browsing and shopping online has a direct implication on how the retail and service sector need to operate. There is a growing need for businesses to deliver not only great products but also a richer customer experience. One such example of delivering superior customer experience is to quickly respond to customers’ needs instead of keeping them waiting. Businesses still operating on legacy or partial-cloud infrastructure will find that they lack the agility to keep up with customers’ expectations.

Legacy and on-premise infrastructure limits a business’s ability to offer the best digital experience to customers. Going cloud-native affords businesses the much-needed flexibility to innovate and deliver modern services on mobile platforms that elevate customer experience.

As cloud-native technologies are made up of modular microservices, businesses will find it easier to manage and scale their digital assets as and when needed. The cost of doing so is also more manageable compared to expanding rigid, legacy infrastructure.


How Moving to Cloud Will Make Your Customers Happier

The art of keeping customers happy is being able to anticipate what they need and providing it. Cloud-native technology is superior in this sense as it can, with great ease, enable features that most legacy systems struggle to do. Adopting cloud-native solutions means businesses can be more responsive and able to offer convenience previously impossible.

Here is how to succeed in customer experience with cloud-native applications

Never Keep Your Customers Waiting… Ever

By bringing cloud-native apps to the fore, you make your business reachable at any time of the day. For example, setting up a chatbot helps resolve common issues instantly without the customers going through the bureaucratic hassle.

Instead of channeling the customer’s query through multiple departments, the chatbot will pre-determine whether an enquiry can be resolved with simple frequently-asked-questions or if require human intervention, who would be the best person to deal with the matter.

Delight Your Customers by Showing You Care

With cloud solutions, it is now possible to have all of the customer’s information at your fingertips the moment you receive an enquiry from one. Instead of a generic welcome message, your team can address the customer with personal greetings and provide a quicker response to queries.

Surprise Them with Personalized Deals

By bringing your business to the cloud, you can turn customer data to your advantage. For example, it is possible to predict what a customer is likely to buy next based on their past purchases, preferences, browsing behaviour, and demographics.

Keeping Your Customers Engaged and Connected

Adopting cloud-native solutions ensure that your business is reachable in any digital channels your customers are familiar with. As data in no longer siloed, customers may experience richer and coordinated communication from multiple channels at the right time without the feeling of being spammed.

Let Your Customers Shop When, and Where They Wish

Today, customers are not only expecting but they demand to shop online. Setting up an e-commerce store on cloud platforms is the only way to keep these busy customers happy. For example, a physical apparel outlet can create a Shopify store to enable 24/7 shopping.



How to Get Started

Transforming your business to one that is powered by cloud-native technologies starts with small steps.

  1. First, identify and map out your business needs, particularly how it interacts and engages with customers.
  2. Then, seek out SaaS and cloud solutions that help in managing customer interaction, particularly sales, marketing and support.
  3. Finally, ensure that all of your team are onboard as your business embraces the change.


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