Friday, 17 Jan 2020


Learn how CK Chang drive his fully-digital lifestyle brand Oxwhite with the help of a good connectivity plan.

    How did Oxwhite start?

    Our first hero product that we launched in June 2018 was a first white shirt that we benchmarked against European & American quality and their workmanship and to fit Asian physique.

    Do you travel often for your business?

    I travel quite extensively. Often in one week, I will be in 2 to 3 different countries. My recent trip to Bangkok was a 24-hour round trip so back and forth in the same day. The purpose of my visit to these countries – usually China, Thailand, Indonesia, and part of the other ASEAN countries – is to source products for our customers. A lot of branded and good factories are actually located in Asia. 

    What do you look for in your mobile plan?

    The one thing I’m looking for in terms of cell phone is the connectivity and coverage. Coverage Is very important. I have a small team, so I must always communicate with my team on what I have found and discuss business decisions. 

    My relationship with Celcom started about two years ago, when we had the idea to start an online e-commerce for white shirts. At that time Celcom provided me with a very good data plan and also a very good roaming plan as well. So I start using Celcom since I started using Oxwhite.

    What’s your vision for Oxwhite?

    I hope one day Oxwhite can become everybody’s preferred choice when it comes to living essentials. We would like to benchmark our product quality against all the international big brand names but at the price that everyone – every Asian – can afford to pay. 

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