Celcom Cyber Security Whitepapers

Here's how we defend your business from potential issues that plague the industry.

Complete Guide To Build your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Produce strategies that protect your business from all sorts of cyber threats.


Deep Dive in Scoring Methodology

Discover and learn how to use a simplified grading system to rate the security posture of an organisation so anyone can understand it easily.


Explanation of Our Data

A wide range of threat intelligence data is gathered to deliver the most comprehensive cybersecurity ratings in the industry.


5 Steps to Modern Cyber Risk Management

Align Cybersecurity with business goals, employee's adoption of cybersecurity best practices, collaborate with Third-Party Vendors, provide easy-to-understand insights for executives and keep your initiatives transparent across your organisation.


Third-Party Risk Management Strategies

Reduce vendor cybersecurity posture assessment by up to 83% to gain 360-degree view of organizational risk – both internally and across the ecosystem.