Why do I need Cyber Guard Device?

With everyone living in a more digitally connected working environment, organisation are now more exposed than ever to the dangers of cyber attacks. Modern security threats can affect businesses and institutions of any size, targeting computer information systems, infrastructures, personal and company devices to steal, alter or destroy data. With reports of up to 12,000 attacks each year, it is important that every organisation prioritises cyber security.

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What does Cyber Guard Device offer?

Cyber Guard Device by Celcom Business is a range of device security and management solutions, unlike traditional mobile anti-virus which cannot keep up with constantly evolving mobile attacks, Cyber Guard Device Basic utilizes machine learning to defend businesses on a device, network, application and phishing level. At the device level, it detects risky configurations, phishing, an OS exploits. At the network level, it monitors behavior for any suspicious activities such as Man-in-the-Middle attacks and bad WiFi spoofing, whilst at the application level, it provides protection against malware and leaky applications.

For your device management and control needs, Cyber Guard Device Standard, Advanced, Pro and Max provide remote admin access to manually control devices and implement security measures. It monitors and secures the mobile devices used by the employees of your enterprise, while maintaining their privacy.

Protection on all levels

Cyber Guard Device has all the capabilities to secure your business

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Always-on Machine Learning Threat Detection

Gain instant notification of malicious threats across all mobile devices

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Secure email gateway

Manages, encrypts, and secures traffic in the system

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Secure web browsing

Enabled with custom bookmarks, while secure tunnelling allows for quick and safe access to business information

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Fast & easy to deploy

Use Apple Business Manager (ABM), Google Zero-Touch Enrolment and Windows AutoPilot for automated enrolment

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Multi-OS Security and Management

Works for Apple iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems

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Always-on Machine Learning Threat Detection

Gain instant notification of malicious threats across all mobile devices

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Secure email gateway

Manages, encrypts, and secures traffic in the system

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Secure web browsing

Enabled with custom bookmarks, while secure tunnelling allows for quick and safe access to business information

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Fast & easy to deploy

Use Apple Business Manager (ABM), Google Zero-Touch Enrolment and Windows AutoPilot for automated enrolment

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Multi-OS Security and Management

Works for Apple iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems

A smart business move

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The app allows you to create a more cyber-secure environment, with the convenience of not having to invest any capex but monthly subscription fee only

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End-to-end support

Get information and assistance on anything you need, without having to contact a third party

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Choose the right plan for you

Compare Cyber Guard Device plans and find the right fit
RM16/month per license
RM18/month per license
RM26/month per license
RM28/month per license
RM36/month per license
On device Machine Learning threat detection
Device security that can identify primary attack from:

- OS exploit, Rogue profile, Phishing, Bad WIFI, Man-in-the-middle, Malicious & Risky apps


Multi-OS security management
Secure email gateway
App distribution & configuration
Mobile application management
Multi-OS security management
Secure email gateway
Mobile app distribution, configuration & management
Secure email management
Secure web browsing
Secure content collaboration
Mobile app containerization
On device Machine Learning threat detection
Device security that can identify primary attack from:

- OS exploit, Rogue profile, Phishing, Bad WIFI, Man-in-the-middle, Malicious app & Risky apps

Multi-OS security management
Secure email gateway
Mobile app distribution , configuration & management
Everything Pro has, plus :
Secure email management
Secure web browsing
Secure content collaboration
Mobile app containerization

Become cyber-resilient

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More Details

What is Celcom Cyber Guard Device?

Celcom Cyber Guard Device Basic powered by Zimperium is an enterprise class, on-device security engine for Android and iOS devices that protects your mobile device against harmful WiFis and malicious apps. Developed for mobile devices, Cyber Guard Device uses patented, behaviour-based analytics on the device to detect threats in real-time. The app has also been optimised for battery consumption to ensure a great user experience.


What are mobile security threats?

Mobile security threats are vulnerabilities or attacks that attempt to compromise your phone's operating system, internet connection, WiFi and Bluetooth connections, or apps. Smartphones possess very different behaviours and capabilities compared to PCs or laptops and need to be equipped to detect attacks specific to mobile devices. Mobile devices contain unique functions and behaviours making traditional IT security solutions ineffective in securing mobile devices. One of the primary differences in how mobile devices are different from PCs and laptops, is administration privileges. There are several administrators for a PC or laptop, making it simple for corporate IT to install security software and monitor computers for problems. On mobile devices, administration is handled by the device owner. The device owner is the only one that can install apps or allow other management profiles on the device. This means the burden of securing the mobile device and its data falls entirely on the user--who may not have the time or expertise to provide proper mobile device security. To address this issue, Cyber Guard Device provides a platform uniquely allowing IT organisations to protect company networks and systems by installing a mobile security app on devices accessing corporate systems. The Cyber Guard Device mobile security app monitors mobile devices for malicious behaviour and detects attacks to the device from operating system vulnerabilities, the network, apps or mobile malware. The app uses specialised technology specifically for mobile to detect all types of attacks without the need to read user data or hinder device performance.


Why is Mobile Security important?

Mobile security is very important since our mobile device is now our primary computing device. On average, users spend more than 5 hours each day on a mobile device conducting company and personal business. The shift in device usage habits has also moved the prime target for hackers from PCs to our mobile devices. Since mobile devices are now a prime target, we need to secure them and arm them with threat detection and malware protection just like PCs. Smartphones are able to circumvent traditional security controls, and typically represent a massive blind spot for IT and security teams. Hackers know this, which no doubt contributed to the number of smartphone attacks recorded between January and July 2016. The number of attacks nearly doubled compared to the last six months of 2015. During that same time period, smartphones accounted for 78% of all mobile network infections. According to Zimperium, 4% of corporate mobile users detected malicious WiFi attacks in the first half of 2017. You can review information about these attacks in the Zimperium Global Threat Report.


How can I tell if my phone is hacked?

More than likely you will not be able to determine if your phone has been hacked or compromised without the knowledge of the operating system and device hardware. However, you may notice your phone exhibiting new behaviours like becoming slower, crashing, and having excessive battery drain. Some users received enormous data usage bills from their service providers after malicious adware was installed on the device. To determine with certainty whether or not your phone has been hacked or compromised by a third party requires specialised software to do so. Cyber Guard Device provides a mobile security or mobile threat defense app that determines if your phone is being tampered with. Cyber Guard Device proactively monitors the behaviour of your device using machine learning technology to detect and prevent smartphones and tablets from being hacked or compromised. In the event your phone is being hacked, Cyber Guard Device can detect and stop the attack. Cyber Guard Device will also gather technical details about the attack and how it is being delivered to your device so you can avoid future hack attempts. The information about the attack is stored in an administration console for your security team.


Do I need mobile application security?

There are over 3 million apps in Google Play and 2 million in the Apple App Store. These stores perform analysis on apps and remove malicious apps once they are identified. However, malicious apps do enter the stores and infect users’ devices. Examples of app-based attacks include XcodeGhost on iOS and Joker/BankBot, a family of Android-based malware. Apps have special privileges and access to device functions, such as location, cameras, microphones, and user data. Users provide access to device functions upon app installation but may not fully comprehend the potential harm they may be allowing. Plus, sophisticated attacks could activate days after an initial install or after an app update, to evade signature-based malware detection. You need to install a real-time mobile security solution to detect attacks from apps and mobile malware. Cyber Guard Device monitors device behaviour and also investigates apps for security issues and privacy abuse. Some of the most severe issues include:

  • Does the app contain known malware?
  • Does an app share a password from its keychain with other apps made by the same team?
  • Does the app use weak encryption?
  • Does the app use private or outdated frameworks?
  • Does the app send query parameters with private user or device information?
  • Does the app read private information such as the UDID or device identification number?

Zimperium completed a study of 50,000 iOS apps installed on enterprise users’ devices. The study found 1,101 or 2.2% of the apps had at least one of the aforementioned security or privacy issues. This is a significant concern to enterprises since 1 of 50 apps is potentially leaking data to third parties.


How does Cyber Guard Device work?

Much like how a doctor can diagnose an illness by analysing the symptoms your body is exhibiting, Cyber Guard Device can detect both known and unknown threats by analysing the behaviour of your mobile device. By analysing slight deviations to the mobile device’s operating system’s statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, the detection engine can accurately identify not only how the attack occurred but also recommend actions to take to help keep your data and mobile safe.


How does Cyber Guard Device perform remediation?

Cyber Guard Device can detect both known and unknown threats by leveraging machine learning to analyse the behaviour of mobile devices. E.g. Upon connecting to malicious WiFi, Cyber Guard Device can be configured to “disconnect WiFi” or block network communication with company servers/apps. Alternatively, it can also be integrated with existing enterprise mobility management solutions (MDM, EMM) to provide conditional access blocking.


Which mobile security is best for Android and IOS?

In order to determine which mobile security is best for Android, it is important to take into account both known threats (those for which there are already recognised signatures) and unknown threats (which are zero-day threats). Cyber Guard Device uses real-time, on-device machine learning technology to protect Android devices against both known and unknown threats.


Are mobile security applications necessary?

Yes. Mobile security apps are necessary to prevent phone tampering from operating system vulnerabilities, other apps, or malicious activity on network or WiFi connections. Mobile devices contain and have access to private and sensitive data about your business or person and the data needs to remain private. Mobile phones do provide some security features like PIN and lock codes, but they do not come with security software to prevent mobile attacks and hack attempts nor will they alert you if there is a problem. For these reasons, we recommend using a mobile security app such as Cyber Guard Device. Cyber Guard Device mobile security app monitors your mobile device for malicious behaviour and dynamically detects attacks from malware, apps or your WiFi and network connections. Cyber Guard Device users have detected attacks in every region of the world from operating system vulnerabilities, bad apps and network attacks.


Are there any other benefits to this on-device protection solution?

Yes, since the solution is on-device, it doesn’t require an internet connection. So, the detection and alerting are real-time, and no latency is introduced. This also means that a device can be protected in airplane mode and when roaming – unlike security solutions that depend on an internet connection and that attackers can easily take down when a device has been compromised.


How does Cyber Guard Device Basic integrate with EMM/MDM/UEM?

Cyber Guard Device mobile threat defence integrates with leading enterprise mobile management solutions, including: VMware Workspace One (formerly known as AirWatch), BlackBerry, Citrix XenMobile, Microsoft Intune, MobileIron, Jamf, SOTI and Samsung Knox.


If there is no EMM/MDM/UEM in place, will Cyber Guard Device Basic still work?

Yes, Cyber Guard Device Basic can work on its own to secure a device, but it is also a complementary security measure to EMM/MDM/UEM solutions.


Isn’t my antivirus app sufficient?

No, signature-based technology can’t keep pace with or protect against unknown and dynamic threats. It only protects your device from known malware and it can take days to update the databases. It also isn’t equipped to shield your device from mobile network attacks and device exploits either.


What about my privacy?

Cyber Guard Device only collects threat and device information in the event of an attack. This information is used to make the device owner aware and help take steps to remediate the problem.

To further protect user privacy, Cyber Guard Device does not view, store or send any information such as location, contacts, email, SMS or browser traffic flowing through your mobile device.


Why should I care about mobile security?

Today we use our mobile device for both personal and work related activities. 90% of our mobile usage is attributed to infotainment apps, productivity apps, e-commerce apps and search engines. But a third (3.3 million apps) of the apps available to us today are malware capable of stealing your personal, banking and enterprise data from your device. This risk is further amplified when you habitually connect to free public WiFis. Hackers are well aware of these behaviours and lurk in popular places to exploit your mobile device.


What happens when there is an attack or threat detected on my device?

In the event of an attack, Cyber Guard Device first alerts you on your device via a notification. Upon tapping on the notification, you will be taken into the app to see additional information regarding the threat and remediation actions you can take to remain safe.


What are some key features of Cyber Guard Device? ·

  • On-device protection; doesn’t need internet connectivity
  • Protection from malicious or risky apps
  • Protection from harmful WiFis or nearby networks ·
  • Protection from known and unknown threats
  • Protection from malicious/phishing URLs ·
  • Recommendations and decisions when malicious activity is discovered


I have an iOS device. Am I still vulnerable?

iOS devices have been proven to be vulnerable time after time. All the major iOS versions had publicly available jailbreaks within days of the updates, making them significantly more vulnerable.


I have an iOS device, is my device protected if I swipe off the App?

Yes. The app communicates with the server periodically and wakes up the Cyber Guard Device app in the background. Cyber Guard Device will alert you only in case of threats and as per the alerting policy set forward by your administrator.


How do I activate the App?

Customers not using MDM: Tap on the Cyber Guard Device App icon on your device to open the App. Scan QR code to login (you should receive an email with QR code prior activation).You should see the app screen refresh with the message “You are protected” or “Device is safe”.

Customers using MDM: Tap on the Cyber Guard Device App icon on your device to open the App. The app should automatically log you in and you should see the app screen refresh with the message “You are protected” or “Device is safe”. You don’t have to enter a username or login.


How does the licensing work?

One licence is required per device/phone number. Other Android or Apple devices which are WiFi only (i.e. tablets) are also eligible and count as a device. Even though they don’t have a cellular connection (or phone number) they are susceptible to the same types of attacks.


Is Mobile AI carrier-agnostic?

Absolutely. While the service and licences are provided by Celcom they are available to any carrier's devices. This allows the organisation to have a single mobile device security strategy for all carrier connected devices.


If yes, does the user download an app to the device?

Yes, the user will get an email with a link to the Apple App Store or Google Play along with an activation link. The entire thing is standalone and very simple. There is no need to be on the Celcom network or any other cellular network. They just need internet connectivity to activate the licence and it will only communicate to the server periodically for any policy update or when threat is detected.


Does it work on any phone/tablet model?

It works on any device that runs Android or Apple iOS.


Does it work on feature phones?

It does not. Many of the feature phones are running proprietary operating systems.


What is the battery consumption of using the Cyber Guard Device app?

The battery consumption of Cyber Guard Device ranges between 1-3% over a 24-hour period.


What is the data consumption of using the Cyber Guard Device app?

The data consumption is minimal as most of the detections take place locally. The average data consumption over a 7-day period is approximately 200KB.

What is Celcom Cyber Guard Device Standard/ Advanced/Pro/Max ?

Celcom Cyber Guard Device Standard/Advanced/Pro/Max powered by MobileIron & Zimperium is a mobile device management software that organisations use to manage and secure apps and content on mobile devices.


What is Cyber Guard Device Standard/ Advanced/Pro/Max?

Cyber Guard Device Standard/Advanced/Pro/Max is a cloud-based service used to manage devices as well as the apps and content on these devices. Cyber Guard Device enables you to provide employees with access to apps and corporate data from their mobile devices.


What about my privacy?

Cyber Guard Device ​only​ ​collects​ device​ ​information​ and also pushing of applications through company policy​.​ To further protect user privacy, Cyber Guard Device does not​​ ​view,​ ​store​ ​or​ ​send​ ​any​ ​information​ ​such​ ​as​ contacts,​ personal email, SMS or browser traffic flowing through the mobile device.


What can a Cyber Guard Device admin see on your device?


Feature/ Functionality
Corporate Purchase
Personal Device BYOD
Corporate Email
Only Customer Email Admins have this ability
Personal Email
Phone Activity
Web Browsing Activity
Customer does not have access to any of this information
View Corporate Apps
Apps downloaded via the corporate "App Catalog"
View all Apps
User Name
Enrolled owner of the device
User Email Address
From customers Active Directory


How does Cyber Guard Device work?

Cyber Guard Device tracks device information, such as the version of the operating system (OS) on your device, so you can maintain compliance with relevant policies. Cyber Guard Device also provides a way for you to wipe the device clean of all company information when a user leaves the company, or if the device is lost or stolen. It also monitors required security measures, like password length and complexity, to maintain compliance with standards and policies.


Are there any other benefits to Cyber Guard Device?

Yes, you can use it to perform device hardening. This is applicable to project-based mobile devices or corporate-owned mobile devices, allowing you to disable cameras and app store access for data loss prevention purposes, ensure that the device is only used for work purposes, and enforce a device passcode to ensure the device is encrypted.


Why choose Cyber Guard Device?

Cyber Guard Device is a security platform built for the mobile cloud world. It provides balanced security with a simple experience, and is designed to work with best-of-breed vendors such as Microsoft 365, Azure, IBM & Salesforce. It’s also easily scalable; each Cyber Guard Device cloud cluster caps at 1 million devices.


Why should I care about mobile device management?

When an employee receives a device from the company, there is no way for you to prevent the employee from installing their personal apps onto the devices. This exposes the device to unwanted or malicious apps that might attack corporate apps. Besides that, when an employee receives a device together with a telco plan from the company, this allows the employee to perform in-app or app store purchases that might cause bill shock to the company. With Cyber Guard Device’s lockdown feature, it ensures the devices distributed to employees are only being used for work purposes and approved apps.

For BYOD cases, Cyber Guard Device can help ensure that company data is not leaked by mistake (e.g. accidental sharing of corporate data, copy-and-paste of corporate data into personal data). Cyber Guard Device provides containerised technology which adds an extra layer of authentication on corporate data, and also enforces device security policies such as passcode to ensure devices are encrypted and corporate data is protected at all times.


My company deployed a BYOD strategy. Can I use zero-touch deployment to deploy a mass number of devices?

No, Zero-touch deployment can only be used for corporate-owned devices because the device has to be registered as company property. BYOD is best performed through self-enrolment by an employee so that they are aware of the policies on what data the company can and cannot access.


What is the typical battery usage for Cyber Guard Device?

It depends on company policies on the duration of the sync interval between the device and the server. The default sync policy is every 4 hours; the average consumption of battery is between 0.3% to 0.6% per hour. The longer the sync interval, the lesser the battery consumption.


How do I re-enroll in Cyber Guard Device?

Open the Cyber Guard Device app on your device and follow the on-screen prompts.


How do I set up Cyber Guard Device on my iPhone?

Ensure that you have the necessary user credentials, then download and install the app. Following this, open the app and follow the on-screen prompts to enter the username, your organisation's URL, and the password. Then tap 'Register' and install the profile.

  1. Celcom Cyber Guard Device solution consists of one (1) or two (2) solutions offered in the Package and each of the applied servicing Solutions STCs. Prices for add-on items shall be as per standard price.
  2. Customers who subscribe to the Package under Cyber Guard Device shall enjoy the scope of service offered under the Package as stated in the Service Registration Form – SRF.
  3. Celcom reserves the right to change the prices at any time during the contract tenure.
  4. Contract tenures for all packages will be for a period of 12 months.
  5. Invoices are issued monthly or annually.
  6. The prices for Cyber Guard Device Basic/Standard/Advanced/Pro/Max are based on licensee fees or number of devices.
  7. The Package Value (hereinafter referred to as “PV”) shall be prorated and shall be reflected in the first month’s bill if the Customer registers before the billing cycle date.
  8. In the event the Customer changes the billing cycle date, one backdated PV and one advance PV will be charged in the next cycle’s bill.
  9. In the event of early termination, before the billing cycle date, the PV will be refunded based on pro-rated value. However, the Customer shall be subjected to Termination Fee (hereinafter defined).
  10. The minimum subscription period for the Package under Celcom Cyber Guard Device is 12 months from the date of activation of the service of the Package (herein defined as “Period of Agreement”). Celcom shall impose an early termination fee for the remaining months out of the Period of Agreement including add-on and device (herein defined as “Termination Fee”).
  11. Should there be any payment default, the service will be suspended by Celcom and reconnection will happen only after all outstanding payments are cleared. Subscription of the package shall be fully terminated upon failure to settle the outstanding payment(s) after 3 months.
  12. The prices displayed do not include 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST), call charges, itemised billing and/or additional VAS subscribed by the Customer.
  13. Either Party may at any time terminate the subscription to Celcom Cyber Guard Device by giving the other Party 30 days prior written notice. Celcom shall not be liable for any compensation and damages towards the Customer in the event Celcom exercises its right to terminate for convenience. However, termination by the Customer prior to the expiry of the Period of Agreement will always be subjected to a Termination Fee as prescribed herein.
  14. Customer agrees that Celcom’s entire liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise to the Customer (except for death or personal injury caused by Celcom’s negligence) under this Agreement shall not at any time exceed the sum specified in the SAF (“Limit of Liability”).
  15. Celcom will not be responsible or liable for any claims by the Customer or any third party arising from the act, omission or negligence by the Customer or by the Service Provider.
  16. Celcom will not be responsible or liable if Customer fails to comply with and/or breaches any of the obligations as set out in the third party’s end user license agreement ( EULA).